College campus improv comedy events are what we are all about. Heck, it's in our name! We've developed a reputation over the years for creating comedy from audience suggestions right on the spot. With a collection of Whose Line Is It Anyway? styled games for a variety of venues and audiences.

At our Universities across the country there is a very different need to provide students with fun things to do. Entertainers need to be geared towards this kind of performance. The crowds have a very different sense of humor than the corporate world or even family private parties. The students have a particular world view and shows have to be custom-tailored to them.

improv comedy

Comedy on the Spot

We make comedy up on the spot specifically for the audience. This means that they are getting a show just for them! It's a great way to involve the students.


Person of Honor

Having a special event? We can bring the honoree or couple on stage and present them with a special improv piece using elements of their life as inspiration! Ask about our singing tributes!

holiday party

Specialized Themes

We can theme an evening based on holidays, history or just about anything to meet the needs of the special occasion. There is no limit to how we can entertain using improvisation and we look forward to your group!

Our college campus improv comedy shows always have the cast chosen specifically for the audience and venue involved. This means that it is custom-tailored to your group. By making sure that we have the right cast for the performance we help make every evening unique and top-notch.

A night of improvised comedy is a great way to entertain large groups of students. The performers take suggestions from the audience and create a college campus comedy event right in front of their eyes. With a variety of sketches, improvised games and comedic monologues, we get the crowd laughing and having a great time!

Happy students make a more successful institution! We come in and provide you with great entertainment that challenges them. Our shows make them think and teach them the intellectual process while they're just having fun! We have worked with some of the top universities in the country. There's a reason that they are at the top!


For the activities board for your university, a college campus improv comedy show can entertain the general student body. From theater venues to outside locations or in the classroom, THEY can adjust to whatever circumstance. THEY learn about the university, the local issues and perform with local interests taken into consideration.

For fraternities, sororities and other university organizations, we improv can custom-tailor a variety of entertainment options to fit most any situation. We can take such gatherings to the next level. It's all Greek to us!

covid-19 coronavirus social distancing

WE LOOK OUT FOR YOU We have a variety of techniques that we can use to promote social distancing and safety during our shows. We can discuss these items with you and develop a strategy to work at your location in a relatively safe environment.


We want to hear from you. Call us at 866.219.4386 or email

Learning More is as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Follow these simple steps


Call 866-219-4386 or email us at

Include the size of your space, how many people you think might attend, potential dates you have an interest in, and any special concerns or requests.


Review the options and clarify any details

Our staff works hard to make certain that all details are ironed out and that you understand the process prior to any agreement.


Verify final details for a proposal

We will explain themes, timing, sound, lighting and stage equipment needed (which are not usually included in our proposal), payment methods and timing, etc. This will allow us to prepare a 3 page proposal for your event. Page 1 is a cover letter. Page 2 is the actual contract. Page 3 is a credit card form just in case you choose to pay by that method, though often checks are the more popular option. We also accept PayPal, Venmo, QuickPay, and many other methods. We adjust to your university's AP policies.




Call us at 866.219.4386 or email